Saturday, 5 January 2008

Review for Fortune's Favor

Blurb from the pub:

Hayden is a big time chef who wants to come home to his small town and open a restaurant. He's excited, because he's had an on again, off again relationship with town Sheriff Cal, and he thinks they can become a real couple.Cal doesn't seem to agree, worried that coming out will ruin his life, so he tells Hayden to hit the road. Hayden tries to get on with his life by returning to the city, with disastrous results. Can Cal put aside his fears and take Hayden back?


WOW.This might be a short story, but it's one of the best Single Shots Torquere has ever put out, in my opinion. I am amazed--utterly amazed--at how much story Cassidy Ryan managed to fit into 40 pages. The sex had PURPOSE; it wasn't just there for the hell of it. The emotion was palpable and intense. And I swear--Bo (Cal's dog) reminds me enough of my beloved Dalmatian I had for years. :) Get this short story, folks. You won't regret it.

Mychael Black (


Mychael Black said...

LOVED this story, hun. :D

Cassidy Ryan said...

Your review meant a lot to me, being the first I received, and from an author who is established and successful.

It's greatly appreciated :D

Mychael Black said...

Well-deserved, hun. "Fortune's Favor" is one of those stories that'll stay with the reader (especially me) for a very long time. :)