Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Review for Have a Little Faith

Kieran is an hopelessly romantic. He believes in Mr Right and he is willing to wait for him.

Oh he has desires. In fact he lusts for Gavin, his boss' son, but that man has a reputation worst than Don Juan, and so Kieran doesn't want to be another notch in his belt.

But during tha Christmas company party Gavin reveals a side of himself that makes him very similar to Kieran, and maybe there is hope for them. If Kieran is willing to be a little more open to gamble his heart.

This is a really short story, 20 pages, but it warms the heart. The characters are well developed and the atmosphere is really tender. It's a perfect reading if you want good feelings and a prove that waiting Mr Right is the "right" thing to do. And I will be glady to read more about Kieran and Gavin... will Kieran brings Gavin to his family for Christmas brunch? :-)

Have a Little Faith available from www.torquerepress.com

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